Hana Shimada is a Melbourne-based illustrator with an active history in establishing independent cultural spaces and their visual identity. 

Co-founder/ Artistic Director of GOODGOD Small Club, Marrickville Jelly Wrestling Federation, Lanfranchi's Memorial Discotheque and the "Sydney" shop front space.

Illustration clients have included:

Vivid Live, Adidas Originals, Mixpak Records, Performance Space, Great Antonio, Mambo, Oyster Magazine, Ksubi, Architecture In Helsinki, The Blackmail Offline, Bag Raiders, The Bon Scot Project and Network of Uncollectible Artists.

Hana has exhibited at MOP Gallery, Black and Blue Gallery and Airspace Projects.


Please contact directly with any enquiries, proposals or commissions:

hana [at] goodgodgoodgod.com